Sifu Guro Dan Donzella

September 2, 2009


September 2, 2009
 Dan Donzella teaches a military combat oriented system based on a Chinese Indonesian and Filipino mix. consisting of empty hand, stick and knife and firearms. Has been teaching for over 35 years.
  He has worked extensively with law enforcement, patrol and traffic divisions. Has developed an up to date curriculum for the Syracuse NY Regional Police Academy, teaching basic as well as very advance defensive tactic techniques. Covering all aspects an officer has to deal with in todays society. Empty hand, weapon retention( offensive and defensive) advance knife fighting. Sifu Donzella began working with law enforcement in the 1970's with the FBI , during the same period worked as a body guard and assistant private investigator. 
He now resides in Inverness, Florida .
                                                                              cell phone- 315 877-5478


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